Oval Cyprus
Leaders in cladding systems
Larnaca International Airport
Design & Completion with 0 defects & on time delivery

LAC is the 5th busiest airport in Europe

Vasilikos Power Station
Steel cladding with highest safety standards.
Kourion Archaeological Site
Laminated Timber Structure - Protecting archeological sites with intensive care
Oval Cyprus
Leaders in cladding systems
Sports Hall University of Turkmenistan
Space Frames construction & implementation


Together with our clients we are aiming for the best combination of the supporting structure and cladding shell driving top value engineering and cost effective solutions

Cladding System


Complete concept and static design, up to the very last fixing. A building must provide a protected environmnet which meets the client’s requirements; it must be ready on time, perform to the required standard and be installed within budget. TechnoMachine roof and wall cladding solutions define fast installation, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

TechnoMachine constructs roof and wall cladding structures from steel, copper, aluminium, zinc and PVC.  Some of the immediate benefits of our cladding solutions include: Increased insulations levels and weather tightness.  Our roof and wall cladding structures are suitable for virtually all building types.

Space Frames


Space framing is generally associated with aesthetic column free, long spanning structures involving, for example canopies, concert stages and exhibition stands however, space frames are also being used for other contruction purposes including but not limited to factories, warehouses, sports hall, shopping centres, airport hangars and curtain walling.

TechnoMachine supplies and implements high quality, quick contruction space frame structured solutions, all engineered to comply with the local structural and climatic conditions and requirements.

Steel Structures


We provide industrial steel structures from design to installation, from simple to multiaffected steel structures.

The bigger and the more advance the project is, you can rely on us. Complex structures, innovative design and techniques. Ready to accomodate the cladding shell.

TechnoMachine ensures durability, corrosion resistant, safetiness and long lasting life spann.

Laminated Timber Structure


Using high-strength glue-laminated timber for it’s projects ensures an attractive, robut and reliable structure that meets the discrening eye for either a traditional or contemporary appearance.

Whether it is an educational institution, historic buildings, a church, a convention centre or an archeological site like our featured KOURIO archeological site, TechnoMachine delivers roofing structures of any shape and which accept all type of cladding materials.

Tensioned Membranes


From the smallest architectural tension membrane to the largest floating cover and/or fixed membrane project, TechnoMachine offers top quality, ligh-weight, long-lasting tension membrane coverings in a variety of fabrics and colours.

Our tension membranes have been used successfully in the most demanding civil and contructional engineering projects.

Our Vision

Our capabilities are diverse.  These services extend to design, project scoping and management, engineering, scheduling, and consultancy.  In short, we can be your turnkey, “one source”, one-stop-shop to a full range of construction services whether the project is a refurbishment or an entirely new build.


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